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Benefits of Drone Technology In Real Estate Marketing

Benefits of Drone Technology In Real Estate Marketing

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and it has significantly impacted real estate marketing. Not just has photography and videography equipment evolved, but 3D virtual tours and Matterport tours have grown into compelling tools to boost your real estate listings.

And drones are one piece of technology that is adding an entirely new dimension to real estate photography and marketing.

This blog will look at the benefits of drones in real estate marketing and how you can use them to make a real difference in the marketplace.

What is Real Estate Marketing?

In short, real estate marketing is about promoting the brand of your real estate business in the marketplace. Real estate is a very competitive market, and to be able to stand out among your competition is critical as it will not only allow you to attract new clients but also leverage listings you already have and expedite their sales.

Real estate marketing is a complex and broad field that combines your website, social media, listings, online and print ads, flyers and brochures and much more. In a crowded market such as real estate, any technological advancement you can use to your advantage can be a significant boon and drone technology is one of the most exciting tools that can provide you with just that.

Benefits of Drone Technology In Real Estate Marketing

1. Highlight the Location

For many homebuyers, the location of a house is almost as important as the house itself. Schools nearby, public transportation, or shopping opportunities are all weighing into the decision not just to buy a home but even just to visit it.

Drone photos and videos can give potential homebuyers a detailed 3D look that allows them to see the property’s layout, the house and surroundings and get a better feel for the location.

2. Show More Property Features

One of the most critical factors in any real estate listing is the quality of its photos and videos. To attract attention, you will want to show the property from its best side. Drones give you the opportunity for pictures and videos to be shot from many different angles, which will allow you to highlight additional features of the property.

It also allows buyers to gauge distances and dimensions better, which is a factor that should not be underestimated. Giving potential buyers this complete view and allowing them to get the big picture, so to speak, can have a significant influence on increasing their interest.

3. Save Money

In the past, if you wanted aerial photography, you had to resort to planes or helicopters, which were expensive and limited in how close you could get and which angles you could shoot at.

Drones are an exciting and cost-efficient alternative to add this dramatic element to your listings. Drones’ small size and manoeuvrability make them perfect for capturing every angle and perspective without breaking the bank.

4. Add Dynamics and Excitement

Everybody is used to the same photos where the photographer takes pictures in the room or on the property. Showing off the property from the top or at a higher angle adds a new dimension to the photos, creating exciting dynamics that can help you drive the point home.

Imagine a video captured by the drone that takes buyers on a tour around the property, showing off the house and then moving up and giving a different perspective tying it all together. This is an excellent opportunity to capture the viewer and excite them about the property.

5. Better Listings

Using drones for real estate photography and videography adds a new dimension to your listings to make them stand out. Instead of just traditional photos, you can add this special touch to your listings to attract potential buyers. It gives them something new and different to look at and adds value to your listing. 

Many homebuyers scan through countless listings to shortlist which properties they want to explore further. With aerial photos and dynamic videos, you can capture their attention and interest in your listing.

6. Generate New Business

Word-of-mouth is a potent promotion tool, and once word gets around that you enrich your listings with drone photo- and videography, it will attract not just potential buyers but also sellers. 

Real estate is all about efficiency, about connecting buyers and sellers, a bit like a matchmaking service, just for properties. The more matches you make, the more sellers will come to you in a win-win situation.

Hiring a Real Estate Drone Company

Drones can significantly impact your listings, making them stand out among the competition. They add a completely new, dynamic dimension to your listings and are a cost-efficient way to give buyers a complete picture of the property. All of this can help you attract significantly more interest and sell your property faster.

The professionals of Soare Productions can take your home listing to the next level with our professional drone photography and videography. We only use top-quality equipment to ensure the best possible quality and guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time for every project.

Check out what our aerial photographers and videographers offer. Contact us today by filling out our convenient online form to learn how we can help you elevate your selling experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Examples of Drone Marketing in Real Estate?

Drones are used for aerial photography and videography, adding a dynamic element and different, exciting angles to the visual portfolio of your listing.

What is the Importance of Drone Business in Real Estate?

Drones are essential because they allow you to capture high-quality aerial photos and videos, which can highlight features such as the property’s surroundings, landscaping and other unique features to stand out in the marketplace.

What is Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography?

Real estate drone photography and videography refer to drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped with high-resolution cameras to capture aerial photos and videos of properties. This technology has significantly increased in popularity due to its ability to add a new and exciting perspective to showcase your properties.

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