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Our Soare LA team understands that a unique property requires a unique approach. Our team delivers products specifically targeted towards potential high-end property buyers. We offer dynamic storytelling in our photography, videography, social media reels, and more.

We are internationally recognized and locally inspired. 
Our international team works across time zones to provide the best customer service and fastest response time in the industry.


Meet The Founder

Ciprian Dumitrascu the founder and CEO of SOARE PRODUCTIONS, was born in Romania and immigrated with his family to Canada at age 13. At 16, when all his friends started part-time jobs at the mall, he decided he'd rather follow his passion for photography and filmmaking and started Soare Productions in Toronto. It is now the leading real estate media company in the city. Believing in the American dream since he was young, Ciprian's ultimate goal was to expand his company to the US. As of 2021, after a decade of hard work, his goal was achieved by launching the first US location, SOARE HAWAII. Ciprian is now working on making sure SOARE LA helps its clientele achieve record-breaking sales, viral social media content, and constant growth. 

While traveling in different parts of the world, Ciprian also found passion in helping others, either in business by coaching young entrepreneurs, partnering with different non-profit organizations, and prioritizing animal welfare within his community and beyond. 

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Why Work With Us

We value quality, speed, and professionalism. Our international team is trained to create and edit content to perfection from our individually photoshopped photos to our 4K cinematic videos. All of our services are delivered in a 24-hour turnaround. Our team is available to provide direct client support.

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The Highest Quality with 24 Hour Delivery

It’s simple! We are your one-stop boutique for all your media and marketing needs. At Soare, you are our #1 priority around the clock. You will receive customized services in just 24 hours that have consistently proven for hundreds of our clients to help them gain advantage in a competitive market. Our services are modern, sophisticated, dynamic, and engaging, helping you stand out in the crowd.


Our Testimonials

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The quality of their work is superb, and I believe helped my last listing secure a price the seller didn't think possible... what I truly love about these guys is they really understand real estate and the nature of the business. They are always incredibly accommodating and flexible to shifting schedules and timelines...
Highly recommend!

Alix Johnston

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I have been using Soare Productions for over 3 years. They are always up to date with the latest trends of the industry, responsive and know customer service. I have recommended them many times to colleagues and clients and highly recommend them to anyone looking for real estate photography, videographer, drone footage with insane editing skills.

Sam Ghamsari

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